Regional Calabria, Ortho-noon: La protesi inversa di spalla step-by-step (Webinar on-line)

26mag17:0020:00Regional Calabria, Ortho-noon: La protesi inversa di spalla step-by-step (Webinar on-line)


17.00 Introduction
Galasso O (SIAGASCOT regional delegate), Ferrua P (SIAGASCOT Young Committee President), Hollman F (General Secretary FORTE), Giannetti A (AISOT President), Mercurio M (Vice President GA Table FORTE)

Session 1
17.10 Reverse shoulder arthoplasty: history, biomechanics, and indications Galasso O (Catanzaro)
17.20 Step 1 Preoperative Planning Familiari F (Catanzaro)
17.30 Step 2 Regional anaesthetic techniques De Leonardis B (Catanzaro)
17.40 Step 3 Surgical Approaches Cerciello S (Crotone)
17.50 Discussion: Calvisi V (L’Aquila), Tripodi G (Catanzaro)

Session 2
18.10 Step 4 Humeral Preparation and Fixation Di Giunta A (Catania)
18.20 Step 5 Glenoid Exposure, Preparation and Fixation Castricini R (Fermo)
18.30 Clinical Case Mercurio M (Catanzaro, FORTE)
18.35 Clinical Case Melito G (Reggio Calabria)
18.40 Clinical Case Minoli C (Milano, SIAGASCOT)
18.45 Clinical Case Cosentino O (Catanzaro, AISOT)
18.50 Discussion: Laganà A (Reggio Calabria), Vena L (Cosenza)
19.10 Step 6 The tuberosities and the subscap Macri V (Catanzaro)
19.20 Step 7 Postoperative care: How to manage pain and restore movement – Belcamino L (Catanzaro) Outpatient rehabilitation – Carlomagno C (Cosenza)
19.30 Clinical Case La Verde L (Roma, SIAGASCOT)
19.35 Clinical Case Hollman F (Australia, FORTE)
19.40 Clinical Case Sabbioni G (Udine, SIAGASCOT)
19.45 Clinical Case Ciolli G (Roma, AISOT)
19.50 Discussion: Gasparini G (Catanzaro), Ippolito G (Roma)
20.10 Conclusions

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26 maggio 2022 17:00 - 20:00(GMT+02:00)

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