Welcome in SIAGASCOT

SIAGASCOT welcomes you to its new website!

On July 25, 2019, was founded the Italian Society of Arthroscopy, Knee, Upper Limb, Sports, Cartilage and Orthopaedic Technologies, SIAGASCOT.

The decision of SIA and SIGASCOT to joint forces and form SIAGASCOT is the result of a slow process started at least two decades ago. This new project, not only gathers the legacy and experience of both associations, but also shares their former aims and views.

After a long and hard work and under the patronage of SIOT, the goal was reached with great satisfaction of SIA and SIGASCOT. After focusing their common efforts, the two executive boards founded a stronger and modern scientific association.

SIAGASCOT’s mission is to promote education and innovation not only in the Italian and international orthopaedic community, but also among professionals which work in our fields of interest.

SIAGASCOT aims to become a reference point for all people involved in joint surgery and sports medicine, to improve their professional skills and update scientific knowledge through theoretical and practical courses that promote education and the implementation of projects of research, all under the supervision of important experts to confirm the role of SIAGASCOT among the most important international companies.

Innovative added value of SIAGASCOT is an effective composition of the Executive Committee, led by an annual presidency, followed by a five-year leadership line (from 2nd vice president to 2nd past president), so that every decision is the result of a project of shared and long-term vision.

SIAGASCOT wants to promote communication between individuals and groups, in Italy and abroad, thanks to a renewed offer of fellowships and exchange programs for a solid network of scientific collaboration.


Via Nicola Martelli, 3 00197 Roma
+39 345 113 3497
SIAGASCOT Annual meeting 2020